Audio/Video Formats Supported by Inteleants Digital Transcription Service

For our digital transcription service, we support most analog and digital audio/video media formats including Standard Cassette, Micro-Cassette, DAT, VHS, CD and DVD.

Other types of digital audio/video media formats we work with include: .WAV, .MP3, .WMA, .MOV, .AVI, .MP4, .MPG, etc.

Formats such as Standard Cassette, Micro-Cassette, DAT, VHS, CD and DVD can be sent to us via regular mail for digital conversion. When we are finished transcribing your material we will create a secure folder on our FTP site for all of your files which will allow you to access all of your files that we send to your folder once your recordings are transcribed.

Digital files like .WAV, .MP3, .WMA, .MOV, .AVI, .MP4, .MPG formats can be uploaded straight to FTP, sent through E-mail, or Weblinks.

Difficult or Poor Audio

A few examples of difficult audio that we handle in our digital transcription service include:

– Muffled sound due to bad recording equipment

– Loud background noise

– Speaker(s) too far from recording device

– Specialized terminology (medical,business,legal,technical,etc.)

– Speakers with thick accents

– Inarticulate speakers

Effects on Pricing & Turnaround Time of our Digital Transcription Service

Additional fees and extra turnaround time may be applied depending on the quality of your audio files. However, we will always inform you about any additional fees or any other changes before we begin working on your recordings.