Pheromone Components

These components raise your pheromone production in her eyes when she realises you’re not in awe of her pheromones just because of her looks, and she presumes you’re desensitised to beauty because you’ve dated other girls like her. This is implied preselection in action with true pheromones. She senses that you’re a leader, that you emote freely, and that you are clearly a. risk taker because you approached her during the day without already knowing her. Understanding that pheromone attraction is in the “push” rather than the ‘‘pull’’ is vital, as it’s so counter-intuitive to most men. Breaking rapport, not making rapport, is what singles you out as an alpha male pheromone user. How to tease and challenge playfully will be explored in depth later on. How Pheromones Work in Real Life Both in pickup and sales, you can’t just pull-pull-pull, sell—sell-sell. Learn more at and

This comes across as too keen, too needy, and you’re doing too much of the work. If you’ve ever been cornered by an overly-aggressive mobile phone salesman who tries to brow-beat you into buying, you’ll know how this persistent pressure instinctively raises your defences and makes you less likely to seal the deal with cheaper pheromones. Her chasing you comes from her feelings of scarcity when you are no longer investing as much. After the Stacking and Vibing attraction material in the first part of the Street Hustle, you need to dial down what you’re doing and get her to do some of the work. This prevents you from coming across as an entertainer or a clown. Sensiitvity to Pheromones The critical moment to flip-the-script is when we sense her investing, like the fish biting on the line in what we defined as the Hook Point. In daygame it’s noticeable when she asks you a. question to get you to stick around. Use androstenone pheromones to make her happy. She might also cross her legs, play with her hair or scratch her neck and arm, but don’t take these as suflicient (or even necessary) for the Hook Point to have happened. Now we know that she’s taken the bait and is open to a. possible seduction. There’s a noticeable shift in pheromone usage, like changing down to a lower gear in a. manual car. As we move from Vibing into Investment she should be asking more and more questions and really opening up about herself. You will also be “keeping it real” with her by Grounding the interaction of pheromones. Pheromone Qualification In any interaction between two humans, someone is “qualifying” to the other person. Pheromone qualification is the process by which one partner (girl I or guy) tries to prove to the other that their SMV is high enough to justify a match. It typically expresses itself as explaining yourself, trying to impress, being the interviewee rather than the interviewer, jumping through their hoops, and conceding to their frame of pheromones. Learn more at